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Welcome to Platbos

Africa's Southernmost Forest

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Platbos is an ancient indigenous forest situated at the foot of Africa. Described by botanist and author, Professor Eugene Moll, as a "unique South African forest jewel", this is a forest that enchants and inspires all who come to visit. Read more

Help us to protect and restore Platbos Forest

Epiphtic fernPlatbos, a relic forest with trees of over 1000 years of age, is vulnerable to runaway fires. Indigenous forests are rare and endangered ecosystems covering less than 0.05% of the Western Cape. The Trees for Tomorrow Reforestation Project was con- ceived in the wake of the devastating fires of 2006.
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Ancient Forest - Platbos video by 101vision

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Plant a Tree: Grow a Forest

Wild olive about to be plantedWhen you make a donation to plant a tree at Platbos, you are helping to conserve and extend the biodiversity of the forest. For when you plant a tree at Platbos, you are sponsoring a square metre of forest canopy and the myriad of life forms that this supports - from mosses, lichens, birds and bees, to bushbuck and honey badgers. Whether it's planting a tree in honour of someone special, or sponsoring tree planting to minimize your ecological footprint, your participation in the Trees for Tomorrow Reforestation Project is what enables us to realize our goal in conserving and rehabilitating this unique forest.

We thank the following people for sponsoring trees recently at
Platbos Forest in our Trees for Tomorrow Reforestation project.
As of September 2017, 46 498 trees have been planted.

Tree planting record 46 498 trees planted

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African Tree Essences

African Tree EssencesIf, like many of the visitors to Platbos, you are inspired by the gentle yet vibrant energy of the forest, you might like to purchase a set of the African Tree Essences.

Made from the tree flowers, clear spring water and the African sun, they hold the unique vibrational blueprint of the 13 major tree species of the forest.

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Visit Platbos Forest

Walkers and celtisCome and discover this unique forest biome for your self. The forest trail is enjoyed by tree and bird enthusiasts, and the gentle terrain and sheltering canopy make it a suitable destination for young and old alike. Bring along a picnic or contemplate the peace of Platbos at the forest's beautiful labyrinth.
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Wholesale Tree Nursery

Tree nursery staffThe Platbos Tree Nursery stocks a wide range of indigenous trees. Arborist Francois Krige and his tree care team, Krige Tree Services will even advise you on how to create a mini Platbos Forest in your garden, farm, school or community.
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Click for a larger version of this mapWe hope to welcome you soon in person!

Only a two hour drive from Cape Town yet light years away from the 'maddening crowd', Platbos, unusual forest gem that it is, will win a special place in your heart.

Platbos Forest is an "off-the-grid" enterprise. The majority of nursery, office and household activities are powered by renewable energy sources. All waste is recycled and composted where possible and the tree nursery runs according to organic growing principles.

Platbos Gallery

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Platbos Gallery

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Platbos Gallery

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Platbos Gallery

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Platbos Gallery

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Platbos Gallery

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Caracal caught in the Platbos camera trap
"Caught on Camera" at Platbos: the beautiful and illusive Caracal (Rooikat / Lynx). Read more in Touch Wood, our Autumn 2011 Newsletter

Platbos Forest Trail

for bird and tree enthusiasts.
Discover the magic of this ancient forest as you wander its gentle, meandering pathways.

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