Platbos indigenous forest | Africa´s Southernmost forest | Baviaanspoort Hills, Grootbos Road between Gansbaai and Hermanus

Canthium mundianum

"rock alder"

"klipels" (Afrikaans)

New leaves on Canthium mundianum

The rock alder is a small, semi-deciduous tree of up to 5 meters in height. It is often a pioneer species and occurs in evergreen forest, scrub and rocky outcrops. The flowers (Sept to Nov) are small and greenish white. They are followed by asymmetrical, 2-lobed fruit (Nov to May) which are black when ripe.

Pale white trunk of Canthium mundianum

The timber is long lasting and makes good fence posts, furniture and implements. It is said to be resistant to borers and termites and is often associated with termite mounds. The rock alder has great potential as a landscape tree with its pale, straight trunk and delicate foliage.

Canthium mundianum saplings

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