Platbos indigenous forest | Africa´s Southernmost forest | Baviaanspoort Hills, Grootbos Road between Gansbaai and Hermanus

Platbos Forest Nursery

Our tree nursery now focuses on growing the Platbos tree species for our Reforestation Project and the annual Reforest Fests that we hold together with GreenPop.

Melissa and Francois Krige initiated the Platbos Reforestation Project – a pioneer of its type in the Western Cape – in 2008. Since then, large areas of aliens have been cleared and processed into wood chip. Each year in Spring, the Platbos staff harvest the newly germinated forest seedlings from the forest floor and rear them in the forest nursery. After 2 years, they are ready to be replanted to expand the forest. This tree planting happens during the annual “Greenpop Reforest Fests” held over two weekends in March which see hundreds of green-hearted souls getting their hands into the earth and planting thousands of Platbos trees back into the lands where they once grew.

The project’s slogan “Plant a Tree – Grow a Forest” captures the essence of this project for when one sponsors a tree at Platbos one is really sponsoring a square metre of forest canopy and the myriad of life forms that this supports - from mosses, lichens, birds and bees, to bushbuck and honey badgers. Tree sponsorships also contribute towards the costs of clearing the alien vegetation that has invaded the forest edge and the creation of fire breaks which are so vital for protecting the old-growth forest. To date, nearly 50 000 trees have been planted in these rehabilitated lands. The Reforest Fests are a time of great celebration for the forest and the myriad of creatures who rely upon it for their survival.

If you would like to purchase any Platbos trees from the nursery to plant at home, you are most welcome to make an appointment: