Platbos indigenous forest | Africa´s Southernmost forest | Baviaanspoort Hills, Grootbos Road between Gansbaai and Hermanus


Trees for Transformation: Discover the healing energies of the forest for yourself

In my article, Trees as Spiritual Teachers I explain why it is that trees have special gifts of healing and wisdom to impart to us and how it is that natural, old-growth forests have particularly strong energy fields. At Platbos, the energy is golden and gentle, and as discovered by geomancer and diviner, Dean Liprini, the tree energies at Platbos are up to three times more vibrant than normal. It is thus an ideal environment for learning how to attune to trees, and by so doing, to gain the understanding of how to communicate with the Plant Kingdom as a whole.

Connecting to, and engaging with, the intelligence of plants and trees is a skill that is open to all of us; it is how the ancients learnt of the medicinal uses of plants - not by trial and error - but through direct teaching from the plants themselves.

What are the benefits?

There are many benefits to be gained from learning the art of attuning to nature. To directly experience and interact with the intelligence of Nature adds a remarkable and inspirational dimension to life.

The materialistic worldview that dominates the industrialized culture imparts a sense of separation and alienation from the natural order. However, we can learn to extend our perceptions beyond our insular selves in a heart-centred manner and so cultivate true peace, purpose and a sense of belonging within the greater whole.

Through ongoing practice of the principles of
Trees for Transformation you can:

  • Develop and enhance your skills of perception, awareness and intuition
  • Develop sensitivity and the ability to "read" the Other. This skill can be used for healing work with plants, animals and people, and for enhancing personal relationships through increased empathy for others
  • Connect with your inner teacher
  • Balance and uplift your energy flow, de-stress and raise your vibrations
  • Learn to send your own gift of healing back to the trees and the Earth as a whole so that you too become a vehicle for light, love and healing

ContemplationHow it works

I work on a one-to-one basis and essentially my role is to facilitate the meeting between you and the tree energies. We spend about three hours together in the forest. During this time you learn simple techniques to connect with the tree energies as well as an understanding of how to hear the call of the forest - the language of the heart that speaks in dream-like metaphors and impressions, sensations and symbols. Silent walks beneath the forest canopy and time for contemplation at the labyrinth give you the opportunity to reflect on and integrate your experiences.

For further enquiries, bookings and related fees, please contact Melissa Krige: info [at] or +27 (0)82 4110448

Forest creeper
Leaf patterns on white stinkwood
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