Platbos Forest ~ Wild and Wonderful

This accommodation forms part of the Platbos Forest Reserve and as such has been designed to cause as little disturbance to the forest environment as possible. Honeybees and rain spiders coexist in the Reserve alongside woodpeckers, owls and bushbuck for example. Having said that, none of our guests have been injured by the wildlife, and the present-day owners of the Reserve have lived in the forest since 2005 without any mishaps. However, should the idea of being so close to nature worry you, Platbos may not be the right place for you. If on the other hand, a retreat into a pristine forest that offers pure clean air, star-studded skies and the company of age-old trees fills you with enthusiasm, please do make a booking: As evidenced by our Certificates of Excellence from Trip Adviser since 2019, you will not be disappointed!