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Planting trees is a great gift idea. Ideal for birthdays, naming ceremonies and memorials, trees affirm the various seasons of life. For milestone birthdays and anniversaries, if asked for gift ideas, why not invite your friends to plant trees in your name?

Planting forest trees is also a great way to give back to nature.  During its lifetime, one tree will absorb and store between one to three tonnes of carbon dioxide. Current research suggests that natural, ecologically diverse forest systems are more effective as carbon sinks than monoculture forest plantations. Read more about how you can improve your ecological footprint on our global warming and climate change page.

Trees cost R150.00 each. This includes an e-certificate with your name and dedication – the details of which are uploaded onto our tree planting record.

Thank you for making a difference! Your sponsorship goes way beyond planting a tree: your contribution enables us to re-establish forest canopy which in turn provides habitat and nurture for a wide variety of creatures, large and small. In addition, your contribution assists us in maintaining the firebreaks, and thus protecting the old growth forest and reforested areas from fire. 

Please enter your details and how many trees you would like to sponsor. We will be in touch within 48 hours to arrange payment options. Should you need any further assistance please email

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It is unfortunately not possible to mark / label the reforestation trees with the sponsor’s details:  a label on the tree itself will cause injury to the tree as it grows, and due to the sandy soil and wild animal activity in the reforestation sites, identification plaques on the ground are subject to being knocked over, covered by dune mole rat mounds or overgrown with understory vegetation. However, visitors to Platbos are encouraged to walk through parts of our reforestation areas. A new “Reforestation Trail” has been added to the existing trail. This winds through the uppermost regions of the Reserve where some of the 93000 trees have been planted. As these areas are still in the process of recovery, they are more exposed to the elements: do bring along hats and water in the hot summer months. If you would like a guided walk, you will need to book well in advance with Francois Krige. Please email him for relevant fees and appointment times:

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The Reforestation Project is managed under the auspices of the Platbos Conservation Trust, a Nonprofit Organization (Registration Number: 086-576-NPO).