Platbos Forest

Tree planting record

As of June 2022, 93299 forest trees from the Platbos Nursery have been sponsored for planting in our Reforestation Sites.

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DateName of sponsorNo of trees plantedDedication
June 2022WJ Delport1Platbos Forest Reserve
June 2022KANJI1Golshifteh Farahani -10th July - Happy Birthday
June 2022KANJI1Maryke Nel - 8th July - Happy Birthday
June 2022KANJI1Kgaugelo KG Madisha - 4th July - Happy Birthday
June 2022KANJI1Charles Siegelaar - 1 July - Happy Birthday
June 2022KANJI1David Witz - 3 July - Happy Birthday
June 2022KANJI1Amzolele Bobani - 30th June - Happy Birthday
June 2022Katherine Masters1Sheldon Bredenkamp - always in our thoughts
June 2022Merle Cohen1Marek Filocha
June 2022Lourette Brown2Ms Lavanya Van Wyk 21st
June 2022Telo Family1In loving memory of Sheldon Bredenkamp "Rooted in love, forever in our hearts"
June 2022Sharifa Mohamed Hoorzook1Happy Birthday Maamoe
June 2022Angela Cicatello1In remembrance of our dear friend Marek Filocha
June 2022Popcast Studios (Pty) Ltd1SCENE 23 PRODUCTIONS
June 2022KANJI1Jesse Lesch - 23rd June - Happy Birthday
June 2022Sarishka1Shreya Nayagar's 1st Birthday
June 2022Sarishka1Timothy Jai Dollman's 1st Birthday
June 2022Dr Karjieker, family & friends77In dedication to Abdul Aziz Royker @ 70
June 2022Norman & Caroll Faull1Dear Eric, warmest congratulations on your 75th birthday & on life lived so abundantly,
June 2022Soul Spoils1Platbos Forest Reserve
June 2022KANJI1Michael Moyo - 16th - Happy Birthday
June 2022KANJI1JP Van der Merwe - 15th - Happy Birthday
June 2022KANJI1Rochelle Regard - 14th - Happy Birthday
June 2022WJ Delport1Platbos Forest Reserve
June 2022KANJI1Ashraf Burns - 8th June - Happy Birthday
June 2022KANJI1Samantha Moyo - 7th June - Happy Birthday
June 2022KANJI1Aphiwe Msila - 7th June - Happy Birthday
June 2022KANJI1Daniel Lister - 6 June - Happy Birthday
June 2022Katherine Smith1In loving memory of Oberholzer, with love Rich, Kath Smith & Family
June 2022Marina Jenkins1Phillip Dukashe
June 2022Marina Jenkins1Masego Boihang - 30/05/2022
June 2022Marina Jenkins1Lorette Sauermann - 20/05/2022
June 2022Pro Helvetia50In Memory of Pathik Jude Pillay
May 2022KANJI1Warren Joseph - 27th May - Happy Birthday
May 2022Ulrich Bormann10Doug & Uli 6th Anniversary
May 2022KANJI1Chris Xhorana - 23rd May - Happy Birthday
May 2022KANJI1Faraanah - 20th May - Happy Birthday
May 2022KANJI1Don Hoffman 20th May - Happy Birthday
May 2022Courtney Hundermark1Happy 29th Birthday Hana
May 2022Mandy Darling3Genevive, Peter & Ben
May 2022KANJI1Baz Irvine - 20th May - Happy Birthday
May 2022KANJI1Alik Sakharov - 17th May - Happy Birthday
May 2022KANJI1Alex Holt - 14th May - Happy Birthday
May 2022KANJI1Ross Jenkins - 11th May - Happy Birthday
May 2022KANJI1Olivia-Mai Barrett - 10th May - Happy Birthday
May 2022WJ Delport1Platbos Forest Reserve
May 2022Sharmla Govender1Mrs Deva Naidoo
May 2022Sharmla Govender1Ms Sarojini Naidoo
May 2022Sharmla Govender1Mrs Chinamama Govender
May 2022Sharmla Govender1Mrs Mary Teresa Peters
May 2022Sharmla Govender1Mrs Batha Govender
May 2022Sharmla Govender1For my Dad - Mr Narainsamy Govender
May 2022Sharmla Govender1In memory of my late husband Mr Lawrence van Wyk
May 2022Grandpa Duck & Granny Jeni3To commermorate Chiara-Lee Soll's 21st Birthday - 15 May
May 2022Johan,Melissa, Elne & Haylee1In liefdevolle herinnering op Moedersdag - Merinda Venter
May 2022KANJI1Shamier Anderson - 6 May - Happy Birthday
May 2022KANJI1Simon Rogers - 4 May - Happy Birthday
May 2022David Krut6Howard, Regina & Tamara Krut
April 2022KANJI1Jacqui (Jojo) 27 April - Happy Birthday
April 2022Lourette Brown & Annette Malan2Ms Anna Voges
April 2022KANJI1Hector Andreu - 22 April - Happy Birthday
April 2022Marina Jenkins1Judy Strydom
April 2022Eileen Burt3In dedication to the Crosby,Foote & Burt children and future generations in love of trees
April 2022CMH Car Hire T/A First Car Rental10Platbos Forest Reserve
April 2022Yajhna18th year anniversary
April 2022Carey Shearer2Abigail
April 2022WJ Delport2Platbos Forest Reserve (March & April)
Mar.2022Susan Andre & JP3Dear Sybille - May you rest in peace - 25 March 2022
Mar.2022Ulrich Bormann4Platbos Forest Reserve
Mar.2022Alice Hutchinson-keip1To our Leela, In loving memory of yoru Granny Maureen
Mar.2022Marion Ellis2Kim & Karl - in honour of your green shoots
Mar.2022KANJI1Lorelei Haselton - 30 March - Happy Birthday
Mar.2022KANJI1Gizelle Baumgart - 29 March - Happy Birthday
Mar.2022KANJI1Nicholas Schutt - 25 March - Happy Birthday
Mar.2022Lin, YiHsuan1Platbos Forest Reserve
Mar.2022Chen Chia Ching5Platbos Forest Reserve
Mar.2022Touching Earth Ent.Co.Ltd Taiwan7Platbos Forest Reserve
Mar.2022Gu,Chuen-Ju1Platbos Forest Reserve
Mar.2022Wu,Wen-Fu1Platbos Forest Reserve
Mar.2022Tsu-Yi, Wu1Platbos Forest Reserve
Mar.2022Huang, shih min1Platbos Forest Reserve
Mar.2022Huang, Li-Jhen1Platbos Forest Reserve
Mar.2022Yahui Chien4Platbos Forest Reserve
Mar.2022Penny Wu3Platbos Forest Reserve
Mar.2022Chao, Min-Yu2Platbos Forest Reserve
Mar.2022Kua Wen Ting2Platbos Forest Reserve
Mar.2022David Cheng1Platbos Forest Reserve
Mar.2022Bholi Hung1Platbos Forest Reserve
Mar.2022Rao, Jun-Zhe1Platbos Forest Reserve
Mar.2022Hung, Shih-Yi8Platbos Forest Reserve
Mar.2022Yuhuei Wang5Platbos Forest Reserve
Mar.2022Yen, Yu-Shan (Eyona)1Platbos Forest Reserve
Mar.2022Liu-wan-tzu1Platbos Forest Reserve
Mar.2022Tina Liu10Platbos Forest Reserve
Mar.2022Yang,Yuan-Bin7Platbos Forest Reserve
Mar.2022Ramona & Denzel Maduray40In recognition of Ramona's 40th Birthday
Mar.2022Martie Breytenbach5Werner, Martie, Jonathan, Matthew & Samuel Breytenbach family
Mar.2022Jonathan Grund1Sarah Porter
Mar. 2022Janet Muston1Sympathy tree
Feb.2022WJ Delport1Platbos Forest Reserve
Feb.2022Marina Jenkins1Leon & Vanessa Bylsma
Feb.2022Susan Andre319/02/2022 - In Memory of Amalia van der Walt. Rus in Vrede Tannie
Feb.2022Marina Jenkins1Tanya Wicker
Feb.2022Anne Cameron1Robin Patterson
Feb.2022Esmarie Vermaak1Lindie, you are loved beyond words, and missed beyond measure
Feb.2022Uncle Duck & Aunty Jeni3To commermorate Dakota Madison Thompson's Baptism on 6 February 2022
Jan.2022The Reforestation Fundraiser Series with Carrie Latimer36Belinda Maherry
Jan.2022The Reforestation Fundraiser Series with Carrie Latimer36Thea Coetzer
Jan.2022The Reforestation Fundraiser Series with Carrie Latimer36Tracy Droyman
Jan.2022The Reforestation Fundraiser Series with Carrie Latimer36Tonia Crawley
Jan.2022The Reforestation Fundraiser Series with Carrie Latimer36Daneille Parkfelt
Jan.2022The Reforestation Fundraiser Series with Carrie Latimer54Tone Alexander
Jan.2022The Reforestation Fundraiser Series with Carrie Latimer54Tara Dalton
Jan.2022The Reforestation Fundraiser Series with Carrie Latimer18Genevive Joubert-Williams
Jan.2022The Reforestation Fundraiser Series with Carrie Latimer18Sherideen Meyer
Jan.2022The Reforestation Fundraiser Series with Carrie Latimer36Natalie Becker
Jan.2022The Reforestation Fundraiser Series with Carrie Latimer18Isabella de Wet
Jan.2022The Reforestation Fundraiser Series with Carrie Latimer18Norah de Wet
Jan.2022The Reforestation Fundraiser Series with Carrie Latimer18Margot van der Westhuizen
Jan.2022The Reforestation Fundraiser Series with Carrie Latimer18Rowena Smuts
Jan.2022WJ Delport1Platbos Forest Reserve
Jan.2022Tasneem Asmall1Abdul Qayyum Kader - Birthday wishes!
Jan,2022Tasneem Asmall1Mohamed Asmall - Birthday wishes!
Jan.2022Marina Jenkins1Miley Meg Seale (14/01/2022)
Jan.2022FOGMAKER South Africa & Iningi 143 (Pty) Ltd1Iningi Investments 143 (Pty) Ltd
Jan.2022FOGMAKER South Africa & Bell Equipment1TimberTech (Pty)Ltd
Jan.2022FOGMAKER South Africa & Mooiplaas Forestry Contracting1Mooiplaas Forestry Contracting
Jan.2022FOGMAKER South Africa & AfreQuip1Rib Lore Forestry - Sebenza Forestry
Jan.2022FOGMAKER South Africa & Hitachi1Umvuni Forestry
Jan.2022FOGMAKER South Africa & LogMech CC1Iningi Investments 143 (Pty) Ltd
Jan.2022FOGMAKER South Africa & BosTech(Bosbou Tegnologiese1BosTech (Bosbou Tegnologiese Dienste)
Jan. 2022FOGMAKER South Africa & BosTech(Bosbou Tegnologiese1BosTech (Bosbou Tegnologiese Dienste)
Jan.2022FOGMAKER South Africa & Iningi 143 (Pty) Ltd1TimberTech
Jan.2022FOGMAKER South Africa & AfreQuip1TimberTech (Pty)Ltd
Jan. 2022FOGMAKER South Africa & Mooiplaas Forestry Contracting1Mooiplaas Forestry Contracting
Jan.2022FOGMAKER South Africa & Thabang Harvest Contractors1Thabang harvest Contractors
Dec.2021WJ Delport1Platbos Forest Reserve
Dec.2021Antoinette L.Dugmore1Pat Highton - Xmas 2021
Dec.2021Antoinette L.Dugmore1Jaco,Lees, Xander & Tris Xmas 2021
Dec.2021Antoinette L.Dugmore1Dean, Rebecca, Joshua & Daniel Xmas 2021
Dec.2021Marina Jenkins3Dr Suretha Bester, Dr Kumarie Moodliar & Dr Sunderan Moodley
Dec.2021Thomas Crede3Secret Santa
Dec.2021Alia Isaacs1Aunty Miriam Ally - Love Alia & Zaid x
Dec.2021Anne Cameron2Happy Birthday Ethel Kotze - Happy 80th (5/12/2021)
Dec.2021Antoinette L.Dugmore1Happy Birthday Annamarie (10/12/2021)
Dec.2021Margaret2Andre Locke
Nov.2021Jenna & Thomas Crede5Happy 18th Birthday, Jonathan! Hope to see you soon. Lots of love Jenna, Tom & Georgie
Nov.2021Kathy Lewis1Marion Ellis
Nov. 2021Anton Mostert2For my mom and dad
Nov.2021Celeste & Willem2Marion & Stephan
Nov.2021Ruth Friedmann1Marion Ellis
Nov.2021Andrew Goosen4One tree for each member of my amazing family
Nov.2021Nicholas Felmore1Tracee - A symbol of our forever growing love…
Nov.2021Ilaria Chisin-Louw2Cina - on reaching your milestone in your life
Nov.2021Brigitta Tummon (Norway)1For beautiful Judy on her 7 decades
Nov.2021Brigitta Tummon (Norway)2Marion & Stephen - two wonderful people
Nov.2021WJ Delport1Platbos Forest Reserve
Nov.2021Gillian O'Sullivan3In memory of Mick Crabtree
Oct.2021Marina Jenkins1Meshack Hlongwane
Oct.2021Chris Le Roux & Cindy Richards1To our unborn child. We love you even if we never got the chance to meet you
Oct.2021Antoinette L.Dugmore1Olorato - a very special hardwood tree planted in your honour
Oct.2021Jeffrey Brown1Andrew MacGregor
Oct.2021Annette Coetzee1Andre - 12/11/2021 - Life begins @ 50!
Oct.2021Annette Coetzee1Ray & Helena 20/11/2021 - My heel mooiste wense vir n gelukkige huwelikslewe
Oct.2021Maude Helen Sandham2Geordie Pilkington
Oct.2021Tasneem Asmall1Life
Oct.2021Tasneem Asmall1Irshaad Asmall - Birthday Wishes!
Oct.2021Marina Jenkins1Xander & Sharne Burger on their marriage - 2 October 2021
Oct.2021WJ Delport1Platbos Forest Reserve
Sept.2021Dr Joanne Bloch1In memory of Colin Richards
Sept.2021Dr Joanne Bloch1Mandy Darling
Sept.2021Samantha Adey2Life
Sept. 2021Marina Jenkins1Teboho Ntshabiseng
Sept.2021Antoinette L.Dugmore1Dean - 24 September 2021 - Enjoy your Birthday, Much love Mom
Sept.2021Mahdiyyah Moola10Platbos Forest Reserve
Sept.2021Irfhan12Blessing to NABI (SAW) & entire Ummah that love & follow the PROPHET MUHAMMED
Sept.2021Valerie Jensen1As a living tribute a tree will be planted in celebration of the life of Mike Davis
Sept.2021Marina Jenkins1Tina Berning
Sept.2021Angela & Jeff Cicatello4Antony Cicatello - A loving heart has stopped beating.May he rest in peace
Sept.2021Marina Jenkins1Themba Mancam
Sept.2021Antoinette L.Dugmore1Tristan - 7 November 2021 - Enjoy your Birthday - Much love Nana
Sept.2021Antoinette L.Dugmore1Jaco - 17 October 2021 - Enjoy your Birthday - Much love Nana
Sept.2021Antoinette L.Dugmore1Daniel James - 14 October 2021 - Enjoy your Birthday - Much love Nana
Sept.2021Antoinette L.Dugmore1Xander - 16th September 2021 - Enjoy your Birthday - Much love Nana
Sept.2021Antoinette L.Dugmore1Joshua - 20th July 2021 - Enjoy your Birthday - Much love Nana
Sept.2021Megan Van Der Westhuizen2Happy Birthday Nadine "Nature's peace will flow into you as sunshine into trees" J.Muir
Sept.2021The parents & boys of Gr.5 RBPS150In memory of Bruce Coburn
Sept.2021Antoinette L.Dugmore1Pat Highton - upcoming 81st Birthday on September 28th 2021
Sept.2021Antoinette L.Dugmore2Stella Veasey - belated birthday gift for Thursday August 19th - Waves of love Nana
Aug.2021Greenpop Foundation NPC1000Platbos Forest Reserve
Aug.2021Matchplay Entertainment33Platbos Forest Reserve
Aug.2021WJ Delport1Platbos Forest Reserve
Aug.2021Pick n Pay Clothing50
Aug.2021Wired Communication1Jenny Morris - mini-legacy for David and the love your shared.
Aug.2021Yaaseen Omar ibn Sikander1Youmul Ashura 1443 - For my family and those who will come after.
Aug.2021Cherry Ronbeck2Rowena Hay & Chris Harnady - 2 exceptional people who are greatly missed.
Aug.2021Acty Tang & Gary Gordon20Platbos Forest Reserve
Aug.2021Aneesa Khan1Tigger - In the hearts of those he touched, for nothing loved is ever lost & he was loved.
Aug. 2021Marina Jenkins1Dr Bongani Khumalo
July 2021Greenpop Foundation NPC1000Platbos Forest Reserve
July 2021WJ Delport1Platbos Forest Reserve
July 2021Marina Jenkins1Judith van Niekerk
July 2021Gavin Lottering5Happy 50th Dawn
July 2021Jurina Le Roux4Happy Birthday Niqui
July 2021South African Reforestation Trust73Tourism program
July 2021Jeffrey Brown & Angela Ciacatello1Mike Simpson
July 2021Anne Cameron2Samantha Adey - Wishing you a belated Birthday. Love Anne
July 2021Anne Cameron2Heather Patterson - Wishing you a belated Birthday. Love Anne
July 2021Annette Coetzee50Mark & Hanlé - Happy 50th Birthdays
June 2021WJ Delport6January 2021 - June 2021 - Platbos Forest
June 2021Lindsay Dowling1In remembrance of a wonderful woman: Grazia Masselli
June 2021Pick n Pay Clothing25
June 2021Melanie Gibb1Violet Wei Meng Ford (31/05/2021)
June 2021Margriet Knaap1Noor Ubbink
June 2021Margriet Knaap1Matthijs Ubbink
June 2021Margriet Knaap1Bas Ubbink
June 2021Dillon Ramoudh1Nadia Rajak
June 2021Marina Jenkins1Rhine Barnes
June 2021Marina Jenkins1Steve Andrews
June 2021Marina Jenkins1Tobie & Christelle (IReal Properties)
June 2021Nicolas & Alison10"The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit."
June 2021Candice Ramoudh1In loving memory of Rajesh Sewankar Ramoudh
June 2021FOGMAKER South Africa/Hitachi Construction Machinery1Umvuni Forestry
June 2021FOGMAKER South Africa/Logmech CC1Themba Forestry Contractors
June 2021FOGMAKER South Africa1Iningi Investments 143 (Pty) Ltd
June 2021FOGMAKER South Africa/Bell Equipment Sales SA Ltd1TimberTech (Pty)Ltd
June 2021FOGMAKER South Africa/Bell Equipment Sales SA Ltd1TimberTech (Pty)Ltd
June 2021FOGMAKER South Africa1Bosbou Tegnologiese Dienste (Pty) Ltd (Bostek)
June 2021FOGMAKER South Africa1Pro - Loggers/Ntaba Forestry Group (SBS CONTRACTING)
June 2021FOGMAKER South Africa/Hitachi Construction Machinery1Bosbou Tegnologiese Dienste (Pty) Ltd (Bostek)
June 2021Sharon MacLachlan1In memory of Doreen Winter
June 2021Karla Cilliers1Kara Brink - 21ste Verjaarsdag
June 2021Top Employers Institue1Alissa Hankache (07/06/2021)
June 2021Top Employers Institue1Borislava Tsvetkova (22/06/2021)
June 2021Top Employers Institue1Ana Planelis (01/06/2021)
June 2021Mercia Greyling1Sylvia Greyling - Happy 60th Birthday
June 2021John & Gill5Margaret Downey
May 2021Greenpop Foundation NPC1000Platbos Forest Reserve
May 2021Heidi & Kenneth1In loving memory of Gerry Piercy
May 2021Top Employers Institue1Sebastiaan ter Horst (01/06/2021)
May 2021Top Employers Institue1Umberto Collesan (01/06/2021)
May 2021CIVICUS10In loving memory of Tsheko Maria Morwe
May 2021Heike Laufer1Resi Christine Laufer-Kauffmann
May 2021Stephanie Goosen1Happy 80th Birthday Mike
May 2021Gina Fourie1Nompumelelo Ngcobo
May 2021Top Employers Institue1Merel Dalhuisen (19/05/2021)
May 2021Top Employers Institue1Ana carolina Andrade Ringler (17/05/2021)
May 2021Antoinette L.Dugmore1Annamarie Smith - Happy Mothers Day
May 2021Hauptfleisch Family1Sharon Currie - Happy 60th
April 2021Greenpop Foundation NPC1000Platbos Forest Reserve
April 2021Top Employers Institue1Mathijs Weck
April 2021Top Employers Institue1Nazia Osman
April 2021Top Employers Institue1Tom Gross
April 2021Yasmeen Jooma1Happy Birthday Bianca Smith
April 2021Marina Jenkins1Dr Carol Goedhals
April 2021Rev Berry Behr1Evan Smuts - Celebrating your birthday joyfully & sustainably.
April 2021Rev Berry Behr1Kerry Van der Spuy - In honour of your birthday
April 2021Rev Berry Behr1Vicky Coates - Happy Birthday
April 2021Rev Berry Behr1For Prof Lesley Green & Vanessa Farr with thanks
April 2021Milty Sauerman1Die een is vir jou Roos, mag jy altyd lewe! Rus in vrede!
April 2021Nanette Quartel1Johann Labuschagne
April 2021Eva-Lotta Jansson1Earth Day - 22/04/2021
April 2021 Milty sauerman1For our woodworking Projects, givig back one tree at a time
April 2021Amy Schlachter10Hetty Schlachter
April 2021Marina Jenkins1Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh
April 2021HOICK STUDIOS (Dale Lawrence)3Platbos Forest Reserve
April 2021Gail (Gigi)5Amelie - Happy 5th Birthday
Mar.2021Carey Finn10"The Viking Horde"
Mar.2021FOGMAKER South Africa1Alexandra Lepley
Mar.2021FOGMAKER South Africa1Jean Swart
Mar.2021FOGMAKER South Africa1Llewellyn Botes
Mar.2021FOGMAKER South Africa1Joinah Tawha
Mar.2021FOGMAKER South Africa1Sangulukani Phiri
Mar.2021FOGMAKER South Africa1Mwiinga Hamainda
Mar.2021FOGMAKER South Africa1Leviticus Chatembwa
Mar.2021FOGMAKER South Africa1Mweelwa Chatembwa
Mar.2021FOGMAKER South Africa1Dries Erasmus
Mar.2021FOGMAKER South Africa1Christian Grobler
Mar.2021FOGMAKER South Africa1Elvis Maphanga
Mar.2021FOGMAKER South Africa1Suereka Snyman
Mar.2021FOGMAKER South Africa1Lelani Horn
Mar.2021FOGMAKER South Africa1James McKenzie
Mar.2021FOGMAKER South Africa1Michael Walters
Mar.2021FOGMAKER South Africa1Gert Coetser
Mar.2021FOGMAKER South Africa1Nico Pretorius
Mar.2021FOGMAKER South Africa1Shaun Rawstorne
Mar.2021FOGMAKER South Africa1Wessel Swanepoel
Mar.2021FOGMAKER South Africa1John Russell
Mar.2021Flower Essence Friends7Platbos Forest Reserve
Mar.2021Li, Chin Yueh1Platbos Forest Reserve
Mar.2021Yang, Yuan-Pin10Platbos Forest Reserve
Mar.2021Hung, Shih-Yi4Platbos Forest Reserve
Mar.2021Rao, Jun-Zhe1Platbos Forest Reserve
Mar.2021Lin, Yi-Hsin1Platbos Forest Reserve
Mar.2021Chao, Min-Yu1Platbos Forest Reserve
Mar.2021Penny Wu5Platbos Forest Reserve
Mar.2021Huang, Li-Jhen1Platbos Forest Reserve
Mar.2021Hsiao, Yu-Ling1Platbos Forest Reserve
Mar.2021Wang, Yu-Huei1Platbos Forest Reserve
Mar.2021Wang, Shawn1Platbos Forest Reserve
Mar.2021Wang,Chun-ung1Platbos Forest Reserve
Mar.2021Hou, Ju-Hsun15Platbos Forest Reserve
Mar.2021Yen, Yu-Shan1Platbos Forest Reserve
Mar.2021Family and Friends42Patricia Margaret Fairbanks
Mar.2021Centre of Enviromental Rights NPC1Frances Rosemary Osborne
Mar.2021Sarishka Aboo1Buchule Vusumzi - 1st Birthday
Mar.2021Sarishka Aboo1Dhyan Morar - Advice from a Tree: Stand Tall & Proud, Go out on a Limb, Remember you roots
Mar.2021Sarishka Aboo2Aloka & Luca - Advice from a Tree: Stand Tall & Proud, Go out on a Limb, Remember you roots
Feb.2021Anne Bryce1A Birthday gift for you that goes on growing
Feb.2021Marina Jenkins1Anton Nel
Feb.2021ICIB Financial Crime Compliance5Ria Kielblock - Altyd liefgehad, nooit vergeet nie, vir altyd gemis.
Feb.2021Martine, Cecile, Albert, Hendrik & Marie4James, Ido, Willemijn & Ken
Feb.2021Megan van der Westhuizen2In Arboreal Attribution to Asbolus. Happiest of birthdays KneeCoal!
Feb.2021Trudy Mattheys1A new year with new beginnings. I love you now and always. Happy Birthday xx
Jan.2021Peter, Anne & Michael Hahn3In loving memory of our dear cousin Cynthia Gould
Jan.2021Joggie van der Merwe50Life
Jan.2021Gina Fourie3For Lize & Ephram, and for Dick Krijgsman. May his memory be a blessing.
Jan.2021 Sean K Bremner1Jadey
Jan.2021Cate Erlank1Jeanne Butler - Prize for best " picnic in front of the screen" @ Sending Reiki to Trees Zm
Dec.2020Mr TE Fels1Platbos Forest Reserve
Dec.2020Clayton & Brittany Lane1In memory of Bob's father, an amazing human being
Dec.2020Leila Bloch1Calvin D. Ullrich - There will always be life proliferating where we grow x
Dec.2020Yvette Deschamps2Love and Nature
Dec.2020Nicole Swartz1Keedan,My love - Happy Birthday may the rest of your year be blessed, filled with love
Dec.2020Yvette Deschamps1A tree in Africa will be planted because of you!
Dec.2020Pam Black4Emma, Thea, Levi & Trinity - the Christmas gift that goes on growing. Oupa & Gogo
Dec.2020Melissa (Krige) Saayman1Amaro Luiz
Dec.2020Melissa (Krige) Saayman1Alastair Mather - In loving memory of a most wonderul uncle
Dec.2020Marina Jenkins1Christine Simpson
Dec.2020Patikai Linda Chibizhe1Desmond Mafaraneni Chibizhe - Tutmai
Dec.2020Patikai Linda Chibizhe1Shingirai Thaddeus Chivizhe - Nhare-yaShe
Dec.2020Patikai Linda Chibizhe1Bruce Mukai Chivizhe - Nhurura
Dec.2020Patikai Linda Chibizhe1For - Nozipho Heather Chivesco - Murarabungo
Dec.2020Robert French3In memory of Cynthia Gould
Nov.2020Sarishka & Bhavesh1Dayana's 1st Birthday
Nov.2020Douw Steyn2Platbos Forest Reserve
Nov.2020Greenpop Foundation NPC1000Platbos Forest Reserve
Nov.2020Tarryn Vaughan3"Family, like branches on a tree, we all grow in different directions yet our roots remain as one"
Nov.2020Norma Read1Celebrate the birth of Daisy Robyn Forrest on 6 October 2020
Nov.2020Norma Read1In memory of Paul Hodge
Nov.2020South African Credit & Risk Reporting Ass1Edcon Pty ltd
Oct.2020Greenpop Foundation NPC1000Platbos Forest Reserve
Oct.2020Debbie Zacharias2In loving memory of Lily Androu - from Zacharias Family
Oct.2020Gillian O'Sullivan3In memory of Joey Smith
Sept.2020Greenpop Foundation NPC1000Platbos Forest Reserve
Sept.2020Marina Jenkins1Deirdre Stevens
Sept.2020Debbie Schweizer1Twiggy, my beautiful soul horse
Sept.2020Thilo Beckmann10Platbos Forest Reserve
Sept.2020Naadira Hassim1Ismail & Naadira - 1
Sept.2020Catherine Shutte1I love you today and always. Happy 7 years my Love mwah (28/09/2020)
Sept.2020Maxine Theron2Mabasa Sibanda - 'We are all Kintsugi'.
Sept.2020Jurina le Roux1In Loving memory of Joe Bulpitt
Aug.2020Greenpop Foundation NPC1000Platbos Forest Reserve
Aug.2020Acty Tang20Platbos Forest Reserve
Aug.2020Adrienne Genis1Happy Birthday Jonathan
Aug.2020Dominic1Mother Earth
Aug.2020Naivashnee Aboo2For your 1st Birthday - Aster Robey
Aug.2020Naivashnee Aboo2For your 1st Birthday - Emmanuel Joseph
July 2020Greenpop Foundation NPC1000Platbos Forest Reserve
July 2020Jurina le Roux1Happy Birthday Niqui
July 2020Melissa Duffy1In Loving & Living Memory of Evelyn Brown. Love the Duffy and Lamb families
July 2020Robyn1Happy Birthday x
July 2020Jamie Day1This tree is dedicated to Daphne Slater. Your life was a blessing, your memory a treasure
July 2020Anne Sarian2Allowing the flow of life
July 2020Susan2Vir Phillip & Izaan Andre
July 2020Susan1Elfranco Hoogenhout and family
July 2020Karien Holtzkampf1Geluk met jou 40ste verjaarsdag Elsa Bothma
July 2020Robyn & Peter1Darling baby Ava Jacobs in loving memory
July 2020Irene Kraas3Denzil 3 trees palnted for you, Angelique & Lunah - always together
June 2020Greenpop Foundation NPC1000Platbos Forest Reserve
June 2020Sandie Ollier880th Birthday Captain William Haig Rice
June 2020Robyn Hurley1Frederick Bryan Usendorff - 89th Birthday Celebration - 4th July 2020
June 2020Gillian O'Sullivan3Dear Kim, Robyn & Margaret - In memory of your gentle Jillith
June 2020Anne Sarian1To Spreading Joy
June 2020Tarika Singh1Kershel Maharaj
June 2020Alison, Neil & families in South Africa9Norman Suhr - 90th Birthday
May 2020Charles & Jade5In honour of CMS and his time spent in South Africa
May 2020Greenpop Foundation NPC1000Platbos Forest Reserve
May 2020Nicole Brown1Willow - A special gift for a special young lady x
April 2020Greenpop Foundation NPC1000Platbos Forest Reserve
April 2020Andy Smit1Wade Smit - For my first love
April.2020Peggie Chan1Jorge, Happy Birthday!
April 2020Monique van Wk1Xander Scheepers - 5 jaar herdenking van ons sprokie
Mar.2020Melissa Visser1Andrew Marsh
Mar.2020Gerrit Penning1Wynand en Roalda Troue
Mar.2020Rina Venter5Wynand en Roalda Troue
Mar.2020Wickus Delport5Aila van der Merwe - Welkom hier by ons! Hierdie bome kan saam met jou grootwoord
Mar.2020Greenpop12000Platbos Forest Reserve
Mar.2020Lisa Macckenzie1Joao de Pina - wishing you a magical 60th Birthday. May this tree be as wonderful as u.
Mar.2020Jan Coetzee (Geckosoft)4Jan Coetzee, Marinda Coetzee, Bianca Coetzee & Dylan Coetzee
Mar.2020CMH Car Hire15Platbos Forest Reserve
Mar.2020Touching Earth Ent.Co.Ltd5Platbos Forest Reserve
Mar.2020Wang, Yu-Huei1Platbos Forest Reserve
Mar.2020Wu,Pei-ling3Platbos Forest Reserve
Mar.2020Jau, Min-you1Platbos Forest Reserve
Feb.2020Laban Njoroge 5Critical Ecosystems Partnership Fund - National Museums of Kenya
Feb.2020Tree Liberation Front 5
Feb.2020Maryke Venter1Geluk Dad, Johan Latsky - 73ste verjaarsdag!
Feb.2020Southern Destinations1Frannk & Donna - as a token of thanks for booking your incredible family safari
Feb.2020Southern Destinations1Bayleigh & Brian - in celebration of your marriage & life together
Feb.2020Southern Destinations1Beth - in remembrance of your father - David Byster
Feb.2020Marina Jenkins1Brian & Gerhard - 11 January 2020
Feb.2020Joanne Bloch1Georgia Humphrey
Feb.2020Joanne Bloch1Erica de Greef
Feb.2020Dave & Jenny Janisch2To Erin on her 18th Birthday
Jan. 2020Jan-Carel & Manuela Brand10Carbon Footprint Offset
Jan.2020Alison Nel2Natasja Fourie 50th Birthday Gift
Jan.2020Sean Ingram4In memory of Cherry Fisher
Jan.2020 Caroline Kotze1Thomas - One is baie lief jou. Liefde Oupa Danie en Ouma Caroline
Jan.2020Ivan Joubert5Jenna Piercy - Wishing you a very Green Christmas
Jan.2020Jurina le Roux1In loving memory of Hamlet
Jan.2020Jeanne Rainsford1Jeff Gordon Rainsford
Dec.2019Sara Edstrom12God Jul till famijen Dodd-Edstrm-Vennberg
Dec.2019Melissa Visser1Geseende Kersfees Marmie
Dec.2019Marina Jenkins1Valerie Masego Boihang
Dec.2019Linda Kirkland3In memory of Beverly Ann Theron
Nov.2019Emily Flood1In memory of Gert Delport
Nov.2019Carey Finn6Carbon offsetting
Nov 2019Joanne Bloch1Happy Birthday Jay Moodley
Nov.2019Karin Munro1Lindy Langeveld
Nov.2019Ian & Shona Lockhart1Brian Clements
Nov.2019Life Alignment cc7Merle Levin
Nov.2019Nicole Ehlers1Christmas Giving
Nov.2019Sarishka1Mr & Mrs Stevens
Nov.2019Jodi Rogers2To my husband Cyrus on his 40th Birthday & in memory of our angel baby (23/11/2019)
Nov.2019Markus Schoger2For our beautiful nature and beloved family
Nov.2019Aakifah Mahomed1Happy 1st Anniversary ATEEZ!
Nov 2019Comestic Dermatology Centre1010 Trees for 10 successful years our business has been running
Nov.2019Marina Jenkins1Vanessa Carpel
Oct.2019Jadri & Garth Corbett4Jadri & Garth Corbett (17/10/2015) 4 trees for 4 years of marriage
Oct.2019Lorette Johnstone Robertson1Mr B Cox for his 80th birthday
Oct.2019Alicia Whitting3Mortier Gilmour Whitting, Trevor Whitting & Jan Harm Hermanus Du Plessis
Oct.2019Richard & Eria Forrest1Donnae Wood - Happy Birthday our special friend!
Oct.2019Col Huson1Soné,Happy Anniversary My Love. Love you forever Col
Oct. 2019Marina Jenkins1Pamela Mrubata
Oct.2019Jolene Joffe1Emile Oosthuizen - Baie geluk met die nuwe aankomeling.
Oct.2019John Nel10Platbos Forest Reserve
Sept.2019Marina Jenkins1Martin Krause
Sept.2019Joanne Bloch2In Memory of Basil Bloch & In Memory Tony Stephen
Sept.2019Nicola den Hond10In honour of my friends and celebration of my 40th birthday
Sept.2019SACRRA15Hugh Wroe-Street for 30 years of outstanding service to SACRRA
Sept.2019Sophia Bogolubova1To my dearest best friend on your birthday - Devina Govinder
Sept.2019Mike & Martha Groger3Marcus Balzereit Happy 40th - 3 trees for you in Africa's Southern Most Forest - Platbos
Sept. 2019BTS ARMY South Africa8Happy Birthday Kim Namjoon (BTS) 12/09
Sept.2019BTS ARMY South Africa8Happy Birthday Jeon Jungkook ( BTS) 01/09
Sept.2019Marina Jenkins1Tobie van Schalkwyk
Sept. 2019Marian Goodman100Loving Memory of Jonathan Rands
Aug. 2019Leon2Mr & Mrs Grinnik, Congratulations on your marriage & brignt future together
Aug.2019Gina Fourie1In loving memory of Kavindra Ramphal ( 1985-2019)
Aug.2019Marina Jenkins1Julian Brown
Aug.2019The Home Of Biological Dentistry3In loving memory of Camilo Echeverri
Aug.2019Anne Gleeson2Garden Club
Aug. 2019Joanne Bloch2Themba Msomi & Una Blackburn
July 2019Shantel Mwale1Shantel
July 2019Anna-Bet Stemment1Jacqueline Van Wyk
June 2019Andy Rutherford & Libby Blake12In Solidarity, in memory of Alan Leather
June 2019Steven Naude1Niel Steinmann - In memory of a truly great lady
June 2019Bradley Kees1Fathers Day
June 2019Amani Harmonic Foundation62Dedications to follows
June 2019Steven Naude1In memory of Konrad Zimmerman.
May 2019The Alcocks1Greg Melvill-Smith - This tree is an eternal memory of Greg that will continue to grow
May 2019Sara Edstrom4Sarah Nodder & Carson Hauck - Wishing you a life time of love and happiness
May 2019Hannalie Marsh1Mariska Munnik - Cheers op 4 dekades van AWESOMENESS!
May 2019Hannalie Marsh1Rene Botha - Baie geluk met 5 dekades van AMAZINGNES!
May 2019Aakifah Mahomed1Ateez South Africa (Kang Yeosang)
May 2019Aakifah Mahomed1Ateez World (Kang Yeosang)
May 2019Cara Herr1To our very special Gayle (to honour you and Noah)
May 2019Acty Tang15Platbos Forest Reserve
May 2019Mark Brown1Jane Brown - The tree was planted wth you, my gorgeous wife
May 2019Courtney Hundermark2Hana - Birthday 2019
May 2019Chris Mark Bertish13Platbos Forest Reserve
May 2019Marilyn Ellis3Congratulations on the birth of your twins - Fern & Mira Coakley-Almeleh
May 2019Linda Marie Coakley1Chelsea Coakley - 1st Mothers day
April 2019AICC REGULATORY AFFAIRS DEPT1Zevv's 1st Birthday
April 2019Kalina Naiker1Happy Earth Day 2019
April 2019Hayley Chewins1Daddy - thank you for planting trees--both real & metaphorical for your family
April 2019Jo Busck3Suzie, if people were trees, then you have inspired a forest
April.2019Naivashnee Aboo1Quinn - 1st Birthday
Mar.2019Greenpop12000Platbos Forest Reserve
Mar.2019Marina Jenkins1Khulu Phasiwe
Mar.2019Tim & Melissa Nicol1Tamzon Woodley - 9 Jan 1974 - 19 March 2019
Mar.2019Marina Jenkins1Marion Hughes
Mar.2019Marina Jenkins1Vick Ives
Mar.2019BTS ARMY South Africa8Happy Birthday Yoongi (BTS)
Mar.2019Lauren Hart1In loving Memory of Lamont Lamb - 14/12/1983 - 06/02/2019
Mar.2019Joanne Bloch1Happy Birthday Dhammamegha Leat
FEB.2019BTS ARMY South Africa8Happy Birthday Jung Hoseok( BTS)
FEB. 2019Sonia & Willie1Gerhard & Penny - Wedding Gift
FEB.2019Mohammed Shaik5Farzaana Khan - May Allah bless you with his mercy, accept all your duas
FEB.2019Carey Finn-Maeda1Happy Birthday Claire
Jan. 2019Marina Jenkins1Lilian Hagan - 25/01/2019
Jan.2019Marina Jenkins1Noline Ludick - 23/01/2019
Dec. 2018Carey Finn2Happy Birthday Ed
Dec.2018Katja Abbott2Simon, Stella & The Bladens
Dec. 2018Anna2Trees for Christmas
Dec.2018Carey Finn-Maeda10Earth
Dec.2018BTS ARMY South Africa8Happy Birthday Kim Taehyung (BTS)
Dec.2018BTS ARMY South Africa8Happy Birthday Kim Soekjin( BTS)
Nov.2018Gabriella Munro - Hartwig1Ms K Kolesky
Nov.2018Rouxlene Sheridan1In celebration of Jackie & Kyle's wedding
Nov.2018Marina Jenkins1Rocco Nel
Oct.2018Marina Jenkins1Hennie de Wet - 02/11/2018
Oct.2018Rene Griffioen1Our friendship is a rare treasure
Oct.2018Renette Bloem1Our friendship is a rare treasure
Oct.2018Kylie Van Zyl 2Tiaan & Zita on their Wedding Day 13/10/2018
Oct.2018Elizabeth Meinert35To the future of our beautiful planet
Oct.2018Wickus Delport5On the birth of Mari du Plessis - Welkom in die wereld.!
Sept.2018BTS ARMY South Africa8Happy Birthday Park Jimin (BTS)
Aug 2018Acty Tang15Platbos Forest Reserve
Aug 2018Madeleine Kymdell1Jeff Walsh - Birthday Gift
Aug 2018Joanne Bloch1Professor George Ellis
Aug 2018Kim Hicks10To Audrey Mcmillan & everyone at SAPRO
2018-07-01 00:00:00Tina Morris en Sandra Gessner1Met liefdevolle herinnering aan Werner Hans Karl en Marthina Alberta Gessner
2018-07-01 00:00:00Marina Jenkins1Jan Norman
2018-06-01 00:00:00Rashida Moosa1Nassima Adia
2018-06-01 00:00:00Nandi Ndlovu1Stefan Kohrs
2018-05-01 00:00:00Marina Jenkins1Henna Badenhorst
2018-05-01 00:00:00Penelope Grey1celebrating the love of Paulie & Kim
2018-05-01 00:00:00Cherezann Esau1Patrick Booysen
2018-05-01 00:00:00Organic Aqua Pty Ltd1Platbos Forest Reserve
2018-04-01 00:00:00Exo Fans South Africa40Exo
2018-04-01 00:00:00Bridget McCarney 3Platbos Forest Reserve
2018-04-01 00:00:00Angie Kelly 1Thank you, Jo
2018-03-01 00:00:00Marina Jenkins1Stephen Hawking
2018-03-01 00:00:00Greenpop8300Platbos Forest Reserve
2018-03-01 00:00:00Kylie van Zyl and Carey Finn4Niranjani and Prashantan
2018-02-01 00:00:00Erika Stapelberg1Marthinus van der Merwe 11-06-1940 to 05-02-2017
2018-02-01 00:00:00Richard Starke5Guy White, Jill White, Michelle Shapiro, Michael White, Kyle Shapiro
Feb ' 18Richard Starke47Carbon Offset for Starke Christmas Flights 2018
2018-01-01 00:00:00United Herzlia Schools5Platbos Forest Reserve
2018-01-01 00:00:00The Oystercatcher2Louis Parys
2018-01-01 00:00:00Organic Aqua Pty Ltd1To all Organic Aqua clients
2018-01-01 00:00:00Chenel Ferreira1Tracy Melass
2017-12-01 00:00:00Brenda Lloyd2Annette Boniface
2017-12-01 00:00:00Zoe Poulsen1Rodney Alcock
2017-12-01 00:00:00Zoe Poulsen1Linda Poulsen
2017-12-01 00:00:00Zoe Poulsen1Ann Poulsen
2017-12-01 00:00:00Zoe Poulsen1Annette Ratusniak
2017-12-01 00:00:00Zoe Poulsen1Ian Chapman
2017-12-01 00:00:00Carey & Kylie1Nic, Nick and Spencer
2017-12-01 00:00:00Mumu in Nova Scotia2Chelsea Coakley & Colin Almeleh
2017-12-01 00:00:00Jurina le Roux1Louis van Wyk - Geseënde Kersfees
2017-12-01 00:00:00Richard Starke1Jean Chalmers
2017-12-01 00:00:00Richard Starke1Clint Chalmers
2017-12-01 00:00:00Richard Starke1Russel Chalmers
2017-12-01 00:00:00Richard Starke1Naomi Richardson
2017-12-01 00:00:00Richard Starke1Bronwen Chalmers
2017-11-01 00:00:00Jurina le Roux2Alecia Boshoff
2017-11-01 00:00:00Ben Page1Alex Evans
2017-11-01 00:00:00Warren and Janet Beech18Garreth Brandon Beech: Off on an Adventure
2017-10-01 00:00:00Chris Bertish Impossible 26Platbos Forest Reserve
2017-10-01 00:00:00Gerhard & Shalene Pirker1Claus Reiher
2017-10-01 00:00:00Hawtrey Family 1This tree is dedicated to Trent Vogt on his 1st birthday! Love Mom, Dad and Kai.
2017-10-01 00:00:00African Tree Essences1International Flower Essence Repertoire
2017-10-01 00:00:00African Tree Essences1Natural Remedy
2017-10-01 00:00:00African Tree Essences1Touching Earth Ent. Co. Ltd.
2017-10-01 00:00:00African Tree Essences1Bloesem Remedies Nederland
2017-10-01 00:00:00African Tree Essences1Kumi Nakagawa
2017-10-01 00:00:00Liam McElhinney1Marili McElhinney
2017-10-01 00:00:00Wickus Delport3Elle Vermeulen
2017-10-01 00:00:00African Safari Girls1Sarah Emerson
2017-09-01 00:00:00Wintie en Steggie1Rhynie en Noeline
2017-09-01 00:00:00Rhodes University Mandela Rhodes Scholars1Shaun Johnson
2017-09-01 00:00:00Gina Fourie3Madison "Maddy" Fourie and her loving parents, Johann and Nastassja
2017-09-01 00:00:00Robyn Lourens1Mr Chris Baker
2017-08-01 00:00:00Patricia Ann Smith3William David Thompsom
2017-08-01 00:00:00Philip Myburgh1For Nicolette, who walks where angels fear to tread
2017-08-01 00:00:00Hannalie Marsh3An Buys, Jo-Anne Botes and The Adams Family
2017-08-01 00:00:00Dennis Tucker2Happy Birthday Liz, from The Tuckers
2017-07-01 00:00:00Jurina le Roux5Happy Birthday Niqui
2017-07-01 00:00:00Carey Finn7Climate Change
2017-07-01 00:00:00Norma Read1To celebrate the 70th Birdays of Pam & Jeni
2017-07-01 00:00:00Marina Jenkins1In Loving Memory Patricia June Knight
2017-06-01 00:00:00Marina Jenkins1Noline Ludick
2017-06-01 00:00:00Marina Jenkins1Bryan Strydom
2017-06-01 00:00:00WFS Credit Risk Office4World Environamental Day
2017-05-01 00:00:00Janene Booth1Mother
2017-05-01 00:00:00Marina Jenkins1Sudasha Panday
2017-05-01 00:00:00Acty Tang10Platbos Forest Reserve
2017-05-01 00:00:00Hendrik & Albert2Birth and Birthday
2017-05-01 00:00:00Rijnhard & Janene1Mom
2017-05-01 00:00:00Philip Myburgh1Vir Hannah - ter herrinnering aan jou Ou Gous
2017-05-01 00:00:00Retha Kruger1Hannah - Happy Birthday
2017-04-01 00:00:00David Rosenberg4In Memory of Bella
2017-04-01 00:00:00Wickus Delport1Platbos Forest Reserve
2017-04-01 00:00:00Marina Jenkins1Ruhan Venter
2017-03-01 00:00:00Robyn MacLarty1For Justine Drake
2017-03-01 00:00:00GreenPop8000Reforest Fest @ Platbos
2017-03-01 00:00:00Wickus Delport1Platbos Forest Reserve
2017-03-01 00:00:00Gauteng Allan Gray Fellows 20171To the Allan Gray-Orbis Foundation
2017-03-01 00:00:00Peter and Michele Adams1Sian Marshall-Benzie
2017-03-01 00:00:00Bettina and Sean Meyler1Sian Marshall-Benzie
2017-03-01 00:00:00Bart Willems1To Koot and Helene-Mari on a life of joy as husband and wife
2017-02-01 00:00:00Marina Jenkins1Roean & Michelle van Staden
2017-02-01 00:00:00Marina Jenkins1Jaco D Olivier
2017-02-01 00:00:00Michele Stephanie Jansen Van Rensburg100South Africa
2017-02-01 00:00:00Janet Marshall1For Sian Marshall-Benzie
2017-02-01 00:00:00Marian Goodman25Jonathan Rands
2017-02-01 00:00:00Byron and Frances Nel1Helene-Mari and Koot
2017-01-01 00:00:00Wickus Delport1Platbos Forest Reserve
2017-01-01 00:00:00Sibongile Gumede1Koot and Helene-Mari
2017-01-01 00:00:00Joanie Calitz1Koot and Helene-Mari
2017-01-01 00:00:00Pierre du Toit5Koot and Helene-Mari
2017-01-01 00:00:00Wickus Delport1Platbos Forest Reserve
Dec '16Caitlin Kennedy4For Mom, Pops, Simon, Floortjie, Matt, Kat, Paul and Jess
Dec '16Hannalie Marsh 1Yoli - Happy Birthday Girl!
Dec '16Carol Duffett2Teresa Magnus & Lucinda Suckling
Dec '16Carol Duffett2Mario Todeschini & Sophie Perryer
Dec '16Twanet Wiese1Liefste Ouma Joey
Dec '16Twanet Wiese1Ouboet Juan Wiese
Dec '16Annette Coetzee1Birth of Peet Daniël Le Roux
Dec '16Richard, Cynthia and Richenda Gould1Sincerest condolences to Frank and Gary on the loss of Frank's mom.
Nov '16Judy Wolmarans1Henry Strydom
Nov '16Marina Jenkins1Charles Vister
Nov '16Hannalie Marsh 2
Nov '16Robert Jones2For Sian Marshall-Benzie
Nov '16Marina Jenkins1Andre Bartlett
Nov '16Carol Duffett1Fabio Todeschini Birthday
Oct '16 Lisa Teepe3In memory of my beautiful friend Sian. May her memory live forever in the trees
Sept '16Claire Hugo1Mary Waller
Aug '16Hannalie Marsh4Andrew Marsh
July '16Marina Jenkins1Julian Brown
July '16Maretha Marais5Vir Elize
July '16Marina Jenkins1Peter John Myburgh
July '16Philip Myburgh1In loving memory of Frances Betts. Philip & Jessica
June '16Jacqui Hawtrey 1Kai Vogt - Happy First Birthday
June '16Marina Jenkins1Gert Jordaan
May '16Elsa Swart2In loving memory of Manda Swart & Elisabeth Bothma
May '16Jurina le Roux1In memory of Billy
May '16Marina Jenkins1In Loving Memory of Monica Keller
May '16 Mary Cole1Glynne Godfrey Birthday
May '16Michelle Wakefield1Love for Infinity
May '16Jane Wyngaard2Matt and Tory Dennis
May '16Acty Tang8Platbos Forest Reserve
April '16Delia Baker1Happy Birthday Greg Baker
April '16Michael Rosen5
April '16Therveshree4A connection to unseen blessings
April '16Ann Peacocke1To honour Nikki Goodwin in celebration of her 50th birthday (22/4/2016).
March '16Sarah Pienaar1San-Marie Dixon
March '16Greenpop8000Greenpop Reforestation Fest at Platbos
March '16Alison Nel1Derek and Marian
March '16Lori Van Ekeren15The Cast and Crew of "Black Sails"
March '16Marina Jenkins1Leruo Boihang
March '16Anne Smith2Kevin Treffry Goatley
Feb ' 16Marina Jenkins1Clive Le Roux
Feb ' 16Marina Jenkins1Anna Jordaan
Feb '16Marina Jenkins1Hercules Viljoen
Feb '16Marina Jenkins1Meshack Hlongwane
Feb '16Veronica and Paul Swart2Mischa Ann van der Merwe , Paul & Danie Swart
Jan '16 Caroline Kotze1Mia Kotze
Jan '16Deon Bronkhorst 1To Platbos
Jan '16 Claire Veitch2For Josh
Jan '16 Caron Lee and Dave Sawtelle2Keon & Cheyenne Horn
Jan '16Marina Jenkins1Fernando Zeelie
Dec '15Kim Malakou1Grace Malakou
Dec '15Tristan Holmes2Tristan Holmes
Dec '15David Rosenberg3For Charlie Keegan
Dec '15Theresa Uren2Keenan & Kayla Sparrow
Dec '15Marina Jenkins4Richard Hagan, Werner Udo Viljoen, Udo Koch, Hayley Victoria Viljoen
Dec '15Annette Coetzee1Helena Smit
Dec '15Annette Coetzee1Hermon Coleman
Nov '15Rat & Sulandi van den Heever2Amanda Brink
Nov '15Marina Jenkins1Danie Le Roux
Nov '15Diana Samassa1Kendal Jarvis
Nov '15Andrew Bushell1Dr Pascal Shaudi Ngakane
Oct '15Marina Jenkins2for Udo Viljoen
Oct '15Peace Tree Pilgramage Overberg to Platbos6Ayala
Oct '15Marina Jenkins1My Mentor John Walmsley
2015-08-15 00:00:00Marina Jenkins1Andre Grewe Kuhn
Aug '15Journeys in Africa14to Flower Journey Group, 14-19 August 2015
Aug '15Ronel Geld1for The African School of Sacred Ecology
Aug '15Ilse van Baalen1for The African School of Sacred Ecology
Jul '15Gilby and Diana Samassa1for Leo van Osch's birthday
Jul '15GreenCab28to The World Wide Fund for Nature
Jul '15Rat & Sulandi van den Heever1for Nivanah Talitha Raad
Jul '15Rat & Sulandi van den Heever1for Chakara River Blake Macun
Jun '15Annette Coetzee1for Boel (Andre Samuel) Botha
Jun '15Jodi Rogers2for Edgar Rogers and Ava Rogers
Jun '15Michaela O'Driscoll1for Ayala Katz
Jun '15Marian Goodman75for Jonathan Rands
May '15GreenPop Reforest Fest8000GreenPop Reforest Fest at Platbos
May '15Miriam Patsanza1for Charlene Patsanza
May '15Sam Kelly2Platbos
May '15Farrell Family2in memory of Clive
Apr '15Peggie Chan1for Jorge Loureiro's birthday
Apr '15Journeys in Africa1for Annemette Krogh
Apr '15John Gosling4in loving memory of Lanie Sauder-Mcguire
Apr '15John Gosling & Adrian Di Lollo4In loving memory of Barbara-Rose Morganari
Mar '15Journeys in Africa2for Maria Margarida Bento, Eduardo Pereira, Maria Teresa Bento, Maria Fernanda Fonseca and Luis Godinho
Mar '15Journeys in Africa1for Paulo & Ana Rebelo, and Joao & Madalena Silveira
Mar '15Marina Jenkins1for Werner Udo Viljoen
Mar '15Marina Jenkins1in loving memory of Hanlie Olivier
Mar '15Marina Jenkins1for Christiaan Olivier
Feb '15Zoe Poulsen1for Jane Wyngaard's 30th birthday
Feb '15Zoe Poulsen1for Camilla Stephenson's 30th birthday
Feb '15Vivienne, Leonardo, Claudia & Daniela1for Michael Selfe - To our favourite older nephew and cousin! Love you lots!
Feb '15Vivienne Casieri1for Lindsay Brand's birthday
Feb '15Vivienne, Leonardo, Claudia & Daniela1for Kate Self - For our favourite niece and cousin! Love you lots!
Feb '15Vivienne Casieri1for Judette Minnaar - A gift to last for someone special! Lots of love.
Feb '15Vivienne Casieri15in support of the Platbos Reforestation Initiative
Jan '15Matthew & Clea1for Dr Paul Mendelson
Jan '15Pieter le Roux2for Du Toit van Zyl
Jan '15Chris & Paula Wilders2Peter & Wendy Slater: On your marriage
Jan '15Jane & Gav1Yvette & John van Wijk
Jan '15Mariana du Toit1for Serge van Nimwegen
Jan '15Mariana du Toit1for Cornelle du Toit
Jan '15Mariana du Toit1for Louise Page
Jan '15Mariana du Toit1for Patrick Page
Jan '15Mariana du Toit1for Studio Collective
Dec '14Jon Meinking1Geri & Graham Saunders
Dec '14Jon Meinking1Jon Meinking
Dec '14Skye Leask1Louis, Hardy & the French hounds
Dec '14Skye Leask1Mary-Lynn, Daniel & the Stanford fur family
Dec '14Skye Leask1Sandy Leask
Dec '14Skye Leask1Bryony and Vernon Harvey
Dec '14Sophie Marais2Jeff Marais
Dec '14Sandy Leask1Daniel Leask
Dec '14Sandy Leask1James and Margret Leask
Dec '14Skye Leask1Juanita and Sacha Bernard
Dec '14Melissa Krige1Tuk
Dec '14Melissa Krige1Shona & Tony
Dec '14Melissa Krige2Nanna x2 trees
Dec '14Melissa Krige1Jen
Dec '14Melissa Krige1the Dumont Family
Dec '14Melissa Krige1Dad & Vanessa
Dec '14Melissa Krige1the Swanepoel family
Dec '14Melissa Krige1Auntie Jeanette
Dec '14Shirley Roach1Philip Roach
Dec '14Shirley Roach1Matthew Roach
Dec '14Shirley Roach1Sarah Roach
Dec '14Shirley Roach1Shirley Roach
Dec '14Jan Pienaar1Martie Pienaar
Dec '14Jan Pienaar1Jan Pienaar
Dec '14Jean Elferink1Lisa Macdonald
Dec '14Jean Elferink1Jeanne-Louise Winter
Dec '14Jean Elferink1Lenke Adrienne Elferink  
Dec '14Jean Elferink1Lorica Elferink   
Dec '14Jean Elferink2Carol & Jean Elferink x2 trees
Dec '14Skye Leask1Bonolo Modise
Dec '14Skye Leask1Cindy Morgan
Dec '14Johan Pietersen1Joe
Dec '14Johan Pietersen1Corne
Dec '14Johan Pietersen1Joey
Dec '14Johan Pietersen1Rina
Dec '14Johan Pietersen1Johan
Dec '14Johan Pietersen1Willie
Dec '14Johan Pietersen1Elsa
Dec '14Johan Pietersen1Elbé
Dec '14Johan Pietersen1Cameron
Dec '14Johan Pietersen1Dala
Dec '14Johan Pietersen1Nico
Dec '14Johan Pietersen1John
Dec '14Marina Jenkins1for Hayley Victoria Viljoen
Dec '14Marina Jenkins1for Udo Koch Viljoen
Dec '14Marina Jenkins1for Werner Udo Viljoen
Dec '14Clea & Matthew1for Theresa Mallinson
Dec '14Clea & Matthew1for Stella Kalil
Dec '14Clea & Matthew1for Paul Kalil
Dec '14Clea & Matthew1for Nathan Mallinson
Dec '14Clea & Matthew1for Judi Dragan
Dec '14Clea & Matthew1for Farin Kalil
Dec '14Clea & Matthew1for Clyde Mallinson
Dec '14Clea & Matthew1for Brenda Mallinson
Dec '14Clea & Matthew1for Belinda Johnson
Dec '14Patti, Cindee, Allen, Niall, Georgina & Megan1for Peter Bruyns
Dec '14Tammy Tinline1for Phoenix Kayla Wragg
Dec '14Lucija Popovska3for Milo von Vieregge's birthday
Nov '14Norman & Caroll Faull1for Peter Crosoer
Nov '14Norman & Caroll Faull1for Brian Gray
Nov '14Norman & Caroll Faull1for Diana Shaw
Nov '14James Kipling & Sanae Sawada1in support of the Platbos Reforestation Initiative
Oct '14Christine Finniss1Stanley Bellman Wilson - 04/06/1924-21/09/1980 - In all things of nature there is something of the marvellous.
Oct '14Christine Finniss1Hester Jacoba Wilson - 05/12/1922-28/01/2004 - Don't cry because it is over, smile because it happened.
Oct '14Christine Finniss1Jean Agnes Nel - 26/12/1953-31/12/2009 - Each happiness of yesterday is a memory for tomorrow.
Oct '14Estelle Hale, Keith Finniss & Carol Brebner1for Harlod Court Finniss - 24/04/1908-04/03/1978 - Always in our hearts.
Oct '14Estelle Hale, Keith Finniss & Carol Brebner1for Marguerite Winifred Finniss - 22/10/1922-26/01/2014 - Those that touch our lives, stay in our hearts forever.
Oct '14Marina Jenkins1for Genevieve Viljoen
Oct '14Marina Jenkins1for Werner Udo Viljoen
Oct '14Marina Jenkins1for Hayley Victoria Viljoen
Oct '14Wickus Delport5in support of the Platbos Reforestation Initiative
Oct '14Myke, Karen & Kayla Scott1for Brummer Olivier, who was a naturalist par excellence
Oct '14Christine Lenton1for Nita Coetzer's 75th birthday
Oct '14Christine Lenton1In loving memory of Stephan Coetzer
Oct '14Marina Jenkins1for Werner Udo Viljoen
Oct '14Marina Jenkins1for Udo Koch Viljoen
Oct '14Philip Myburgh1In memory of Philippa Maartens' parents and siblings
Sep '14Marina Jenkins1for Hayley Victoria Viljoen
Sep '14Nicki van Reenen1for Simon's first visit to South Africa
Sep '14Nicki van Reenen1for Frances Betts' birthday
Sep '14Annette Coetzee1for the birth of Emma Rosochacki
Sep '14Annette Coetzee1for Rouxlene Painter's 60th birthday
Sep '14Annette Coetzee2for the wedding of Hannes & Arista Coetzee
Sep '14Marina Jenkins1for the wedding of Gerald van Wyk & Lisa Andrews
Sep '14Annette Coetzee1for Tim Crawley's 70th birthday
Sep '14Annette Coetzee1for Hendrik Coetzee's 30th birthday
Sep '14Annette Coetzee1for Ina-Marie Kilian's 60th birthday
Sep '14Annette Coetzee1for Judy Badenhorst's 70th birthday
Aug '14Peggie Chan1for Hannah Tam's birthday
Aug '14Peggie Chan1for Bronwyn Barnardo's birthday
Aug '14Peggie Chan1for Shayne Howard's birthday
Jul '14Fransi Nieuwoudt1for Platbos
Jul '14Carole Bridges3for her mom, Ann Christine Winterbottom, who loved plants
Jul '14Nicki van Reenen1for George Steyn's 70th birthday
Jun '14Liz & Dave Page1for Christopher Day's birthday
Jun '14Annette Coetzee1for Marie le Roux's 30th birthday
Jun '14Lia, Paul & Zoe Jenkins2in loving memory of David & Elizabeth Jenkins
Jun '14Peggie Chan5for Mark Chiang's birthday
May '14Marina Jenkins1for Cameron Visser
May '14Lindsey Fernandez4for Jenni & Greg - Amazing Rough-Fit owners
May '14Eva-Lotta Jansson1for Liv Wedrich's 6th birthday
May '14Lucinda, Kevin, Darryl & Rox, Amie & Matt1for Gussie Dewar - Happy Mother's Day
May '14GreenPop Reforest Fest10002Reforest Fest @ Platbos
Apr '14Sean Conradie1for Platbos
Apr '14John Gosling & Adrian Di Lollo4in loving memory of Esther Wignall
Apr '14Peggie Chan1for Jorge Loureiro's birthday
Mar '14The Green Cab12014 CITA regional conference for Africa, 4-6 March (off-set emissions)
Mar '14Marina Jenkins1for Rat & Sulandi Hunter van den Heever
Feb '14Hendrik Coetzee1Hendrik & Albert - Een jaar!
Feb '14Wickus Delport3Vir die geboorte van Mieke Millard
Feb '14Steven Tugwell20for Platbos
Feb '14Nonna Marie-Noelle18for her granddaughter Gaia
Feb '14Karen2for Platbos
Jan '14Maretha Marais4Vir Elize - 'n goeie vriendin
Jan '14Cobus Grobbelaar1For JD's 2nd birthday
Jan '14Carol Duffett5In loving memory of Renira Lynne Grant-Dalton
Jan '14Teri & Wayne Smith1for Carey & Nao's wedding
Jan '14Philip Myburgh1for Annette Coetzee, for all her trees to other friends
Jan '14Philip Myburgh1for Fran
Jan '14Philip Myburgh1for Nick
Jan '14Philip Myburgh1for Jessica
Jan '14Eva-Lotta Jansson1Eskil Wedrich - Happy 1st birthday
Jan '14Eva-Lotta Jansson1Anna-Karin Wedrich - Happy birthday
Dec '13Dave Balfour5for our children
Dec '13Hart Hiking Group2for Platbos
Dec'13Tamzin Smith & Dale Pharo1for Carey & Nao's wedding
Dec '13Andree Bonthuys2for Brendan & Muriel's Wedding
Dec '13Andy Bushell4In loving memory of Subramonia & Mariamma Pillai
Dec '13Annette Coetzee1In loving memory of Johan Wessels
Dec '13Marina Jenkins1for Werner Udo Viljoen
Dec '13Marina Jenkins1for Udo Koch Viljoen
Dec '13Nick & Hilary Holmes2for Carey & Nao's wedding
Dec '13Teresa Wimberley2for John Williams
Dec '13Teresa Wimberley2for Halden Williams
Dec '13Marina Jenkins1for Thinus du Plessis
Dec '13Sarah and Paul2for Carey & Nao's wedding
Dec '13Nicole Jamieson2for Carey & Nao's wedding
Nov '13Arumtak vlu Belfast2Our children & grandchildren
Oct '13Margaret Mills1for Tristan Taylor Harrisson's 1st Birthday
Oct '13Margaret Mills1for Rowan Keith Harrisson's 1st Birthday
Oct '13Rod Gurzynski6for Platbos
Oct '13Mary-Lyn, Skye & Daniel1In loving memory of Davy
Oct '13Marina Jenkins1For Richard Jupin
Oct '13Marina Jenkins1for Werner Udo Viljoen
Oct '13Marina Jenkins1for Udo Koch Viljoen
Oct '13Marina Jenkins1for Brakkies le Roux
Oct '13Samir Dzinic1for Mirza
Oct '13Samir Dzinic1for Declan Hofmeyr
Oct '13Chris Rumbell1for Eric Lothaller
Oct '13Cyrus Rogers2for Andre & Jenny Bimrays' 50th Birthdays
Sep '13Tatum van Rooyen1for Che van Rooyen
Sep '13Annette Coetzee1Samuel Badenhorst's 7th birthday
Sep '13Annette Coetzee1Frikkie Steenkamp's birthday
Sep '13Annette Coetzee1Ana Badenhorst's 4th birthday
Sep '13Annette Coetzee1Adi Badenhorst's birthday
Sep '13Andrew Argent20Platbos
Sep '13Marina Jenkins1Sunelle van Hansen
Sep '13Marina Jenkins1Gerty Smith
Sep '13Marina Jenkins1Wessie du Plessis
Sep '13Ann Isralls10in memory of Mary Granig
Aug '13Journey in Africa18Spring Flower Group 22-25 Aug 2013
Aug '13John Gosling & Adrian Di Lollo4in loving memory of Kerry Sanger
Aug '13Kriges3For Neels Coetzee, in loving memory
Jul '13Rinette van Rooyen5in loving memory of Jimmy Macdonald
Jul '13Rinette van Rooyen5in loving memory of Betsie Els
Jul '13Rinette van Rooyen1in loving memory of Ethné Mary van Altena
Jul '13Green Cab14WWF Transfers (Sept 2012 - June 2013)
Jul '13Bryony Mills1Alexander Rumbell's 1st birthday
Jul '13Annette Coetzee1for Sebastian & Elmarie's Wedding
July '13Colleen Raine1Alec Patrick - a lion among men
Jun '13Lani & Warren3for Marc and Natalie Sternberg's Wedding
May '13GreenPop planting5000GreenPop
May '13Africa Exploration5
May '13Annette Coetzee1for Annatjie Melck's 80th birthday
Apr '13Eileen Burt5for the Cosby Family
Apr '13Wickus Delport3vir die geboorte van Eulanch Joubert
Mar '13Shirley van Velden1for Jare Fishlock: Thanks for the inspiration
Apr '13Wickus Delport33 bome vir die geboorte van Samuel De Beer Jnr
Apr '13Peggie Chan1for Jorge's birthday
Feb '13Shirley van Velden2for Gilles
Feb '13Nadia Solomon1Zoliwa Nxumalo's Birthday
Feb '13Jeanie Patterson2for Heidi's Birthdays: Past & Future
Feb '13Wickus Delport3For the Birth of Caitlyn Wait
Feb '13Wickus Delport5vir die geboorte van James Liebenberg
Feb '13Hennie Botha1for Marietjie Botha
Jan '13WOSA250to offset air flights related to Cape Wine 2012
Jan '13Shirley van Velden1for Debbie Rye with much love
Jan '13Shirley van Velden1for Sikk Yeshe with love & thanks for your friendship
Jan '13Annette Coetzee1for Nienke & Wonneke van der Meulen
Jan '13Annette Coetzee1for Jeanette Bruwer, in memory of her Mother
Jan '13Annette Coetzee1for Nicky van Reenen's Birthday
Jan '13Mility's Training Academy1Milty's Training Academy: the 1st of Many Trees
Dec '12Marina Jenkins1for Paulo Fazenda
Dec '12Marina Jenkins1for Werner Udo Viljoen
Dec '12Marina Jenkins1for udo Koch Viljoen
Dec '12Maretha & Sarita Marais4for Albert van Wyk 44ste verjaarsdag
Dec '12Anre Rose1In Loving Memory of Anri Cronje
Nov '12Anre Rose5Offset air travel for 2012
Nov '12Wickus Delport3Vir die geboorte van Schalk du Preez
Nov '12Katja & Peter Hohnel1For Piet Hohnel
Nov '12Christina & Claus Reiher1The Pirkers
Oct '12Annette Coetzee1Adele's Birthday
Oct '12Anette Coetzee1In memory of Ursula Hofmeyr
Oct '12David Todd2Mother Nature
Oct '12Nicole Loebenberg1Mr & Mrs De Witt
Oct '12Marina Jenkins1for udo Koch Viljoen
Oct '12Marina Jenkins1Werner Udo Viljoen
Sept'12ESKOM & ERM1Berry Blaze, ESKOM Carbon School 2012
Sept '12Stephen Berrisford5In memory of Mardia Schrueder Patel
Sept '12Himal Vallabh40for Rajna & Dipak Vallabh
Aug '12Izetta Dorling1Colleen
June '12HCI Foundation100Platbos
June '12Green Cab8Old Mutual Kirstenbosch Summer Sunset Consert Series
June '12Ivan, Lisa & Family1for Belinda's 40th
June '12Daniel de Vaal1vir Johan du Bois
June '12Marina Jenkins1Morne van der Westerhuizen
June '12Marina Jenkins1for Werner Udo Viljoen
May '12GreenPop planting2001GreenPop
May '12Delia Zeederberg1for Shirley Lippert's 50th
May '12Old Mutual11Kirstenbosch Summer Sunset Consert Series
May '12Robs1for Platbos
May '12Tony Bell10In celebration of Muffy
May '12John Gosling4In loving memory of Jonathan Bradshaw
May '12Heather Green1for Esme Wollan
May '12Colleen Gomes2Making a Difference
March '12Marlie Rosset1 for Elry Willemse's Birthday
March '12Marie-Noelle Anderson2for her grand daughter Gaia
March '12Hanno & Karle Botha1Zak & Johnny Lak's wedding
March '12Diane Cameron1for Zoe & Johnny Lak's wedding
March '12Annette Coetzee1viering van Pieter se 50ste
March '12Annette Coetzee1vir Kobus
March '12Annette Coetzee1 vir Judith's 60th
March '12Annette Coetzee1 vir Lenel se mooi lewe
March '12Annette Coetzee1vir Wonneke's 60ste
March '12Annette Coetzee2vir Simon se 40ste & vir Andre & Rachele
March '12Annette Coetzee1vir Suzanne se 60ste
Feb '12Marlie Rosset1for Elry Willemse's birthday
Feb '12Wickus Delport3Die geboorte van Marne Millard
Feb '12Louise Pretorious3for Platbos
Feb '12Hanno & Karle Botha1for Zoe & Johnny Lak's wedding
Jan '12Con & Liesel Strydom1for Zoe & Johnny Lak's wedding
Jan '12Marius & Lee-Anne van Wyk2for children Danica & Carmen
Jan '12Jaco & Lisa Strydom2for Zoe & Johnny Lak's wedding
Jan '12Karle & Hanno1for Zoe & Johnny Lak's wedding
Jan '12Cobus Grobbelaar1for Zoe & Johnny Lak's wedding
Jan '12Helene Fouche1for Zoe & Johnny Lak's wedding
Jan '12Corrie & Sakie1for Zoe & Johnny Lak's wedding
Jan '12Dylan Emmett & Tasmin Dolby1for Zoe & Johnny Lak's wedding
Jan '12Lisa & Ivan 1for Isaac
Jan '12Paula Dugmore1for Platbos
Jan '12Chris & Fiona Berens1for Johnny Berens
Dec '11Charles Wart5La memoire de Didier
Dec '11Laura Emsley1In memory of Jonathan Rands
Dec '11Martin Potgieter2for sons Chris & Ruan Potgieter
Dec '11Johan du Bois1for Perdita du Bois
Dec '11Johan du Bois1for Cynthia Salgado
Dec '11Johan du Bois1for Eddie van Dijk
Dec '11Joy Scheepers1In memory of our daughter Laetitia
Nov '11Zarine Roodt3for My Love Anton
Nov '11Annette Coetzee14For her children & friends
Oct '11Liz Wouters2for my carbon miles
Oct '11Ouma Ina Bisschoff1vir Boontjie Steyn, my eerste kleinkind
Sept '11Carbon2Zero1for Don & Carol Maclver
Sept '11Theresa & Philip1In Memory of Marietha Web
Sept '11Gillian & David1In Memory of Marietha Web
Sept '11Gordon & Janine1In Memory of Marietha Web
Sept '11Hilary & Nigel1In Memory of Marietha Web
Aug '11Gerrit J van Rensburg1For his dear friend Jaco (RIP)
Aug '11Ulrike & Hans Muelbauer2Martina & Peter Muehlbauer
Aug '11Krige Family1in loving memory of Thomas, Platboss' White Lion
Aug '11Helen Lockhart4for Alison's 40th
Aug '11Delene Mulder1in memory of Joy Harford
Aug '11Sam Kelly10In memory of Jonathan Rands
Aug'11Leonard Rode1for Special friend Keith Bursheim
July '11Cynthia Le Sar1In memroy of Viviane Le Sar
July '11Annette7for Platbos
July '11Janine Webb1in memory of Sandra Rosa Pitts David
July '11Alexanne Tingley1Juan's 40th
July '11Chantelle Van Rooyen1in celebration of my daughter Viviane Van Rooyen
July '11Jacques Rentzke1Geboorte van Jaco de Bruyn
July '11Kerry Sandison6In memory of Jonathan Rands
July '11James McFarlane2for Platbos
July '11GreenPop295Reforest Fest @ Platbos
July '11Michael Chaimowitz (MyTChai)10In memory of Jonathan Rands
July '11Leonard Rode1for Fugi's Birthday
July '11Leonard Rode1for Denne's Birthday
July '11Eric Mair & Vicky Coates10In memory of Jonathan Rands
July '11Adri Basson1for Glen Pressley's 60th
July '11Maurice @ Susan Bloch10In memory of Jonathan Rands
June '11Drewell Family1In memory of Jonathan Rands
June '11Sue Ogterop1In memory of Jonathan Rands
June '11Maryse & Steve Barak10In memory of Jonathan Rands
June '11Marian Goodman50for Jonathan Rands, Father of Freewheeling
June '11Francois van Wyk2Saving SA's Forests
June '11D. Salters & Peter Willis2In memory of Jonathan Rands
June '11SolarTech20Platbos
June '11Marais2Eugene van Wyk's 40th
June '11Norma Read2In memory of Koos Hough
May '11GreenPop planting1330GreenPop
May '11Sue Pretorius4Platbos
May '11SolarTech20Platbos
May'11Peter Fourie1Ralf Vetter
May '11Caroll Faull1In loving memory of Jonathan Rands
May '11Wanda Coustas2In loving memory of her mother Erica
April '11SolarTech20Platbos
April '11David Starke2for Alwyn Schultz's 60th
April '11Green Africa Water Systems2Joseph Shaw, Oakwood Estate
March '11SolarTech20Platbos
March '11Wickus Delport2for Platbos & for the birth of Kaelyn Bram
March '11Green Africa Water Systems2Lourens, Mahonie Cresent, Brakenfell
March '11Green Africa Water Systems2Vic Hulme, Castle Rock Simonstown
March '11Andree Bonthuys2for the marriage of Jerusha Rangasami & Michael Gastrow
Feb '11SolarTech20Platbos
Feb '11Retail Africa5Retail Africa gives lungs to the Earth
Feb '11Oyster Catcher, De Kelders3Platbos
Feb '11Wickus Delport1Die Geboorte van Adriaan Fourie
Feb '11Wickus Delport1Die Geboorte van Francois Fourie
Jan '11Melissa & Francois Krige6In loving memory of Dr Francois Du Preez
Jan '11SolarTech20Platbos
Jan '11Albertus
Jan '11 Vicki & Vincent Smith1for their son Jenson Combemere Smith
Jan '11Dr Elrike Marais2for Rene-Marie & Warren's wedding
Dec '10 Shirley van Velden3for the wedding of Niel & Rena Maria van Velden
Dec '10Deo Strumfer1for Willem & Sonia for Xmas
Dec '10Deo Strumfer1for Rita, and for
Nov '10N. & P. Weilerswist1Their son Tim Baller
Nov '10SolarTech20Platbos
Nov '10Joy & Eddy Tobler2Platbos
Nov '10Mad & Julian Read1Smartie Town
Nov '10Mad & Julian Read1Shanti's 70th
Nov '10Katharine Newhouse16for the well being of friends & family
Nov '10Helga Heinzle1for Max & Micheal Heinzle
Nov '10Siegrid Heinzelmann1for Virginia & Dirk Heinzelmann
Nov '10Christel Joost1for Hermann
Nov '10Paarl Hiking Club2for Platbos
Nov '10Danny de Toit1Petro Schlemmer
Nov '10Eddie & Joan Redelinghuys1Joey Redelinghuys
Oct '10Asyah Rosslind2for Rosslind
Oct '10 Kaeyla McGee2for Warwick Blake
Oct '10The Oyster Catcher2Trees for Tomorrow
Oct '10SolarTech20Trees for Tomorrow
Oct '10Wickus Delport1Geboorte van Amelia Smit
Oct '10Wickus Delport5Geboorte van Lumay Bezuidenhout
Oct '10Graham & Vanessa Saayman4For Shanit's Birthday & holiday airmiles
Oct '10Phoenix Design100for their 2011 Calenders
Oct '10Deo Strumfer1Jack de Kock's Birthday
Oct '10Deo Strumfer1for Tom de Kock's Birthday
Oct '10Deo Strumfer1for Loet Douwes -Dekkers Birthday
Oct '10Deo Strumfer1Kees van der Waal's Birthday
Oct '10Deo Strumfer1Rita Kellerman's Birthday
Oct '10Fiona Marr7for Hugh's 50th
Oct '10Deo Strumfer1Pearl Gilman's Birthday
Sept '10SolarTech20trees for Tomorrow
Sept '10David & Christine Moore1for Christine's Birthday
Sept '10Kaeyla McGee3for Ken Malherbe's 60th
Sept '10Andrew Malherbe1for Ken Malherbe's 60th
Sept '10Mike Malherbe2for Ken Malherbe's 60th
Sept '10Jennifer Meece1in memory of Mr & Mrs Danzer
Aug '10Rinette van Rooyen14in loving memory of Irene Engelbrecht
Aug '10Angelique Kats1Platbos
Aug '10Pauline Martin10for Ken Malherbe's 60th
Aug '10 SolarTech20Platbos
Aug '10Wickus Delport5Birth of Claire De Wit
Aug '10Deo Strumfer2Nina's Birthday
Aug '10Norma Read2Anne Fry's 70th Birthday
Aug '10Christel Jost1Dirkie & Melina
Aug '10Shaun & Nicky Lourens1for Francine Brook's birthday
Aug '10African Essence Tours8Lewis' Safari
July '10African Essence Tours4Sean & Julie's wedding
July '10SolarTech20Platbos
June '10SolarTech20Platbos
June '10Terry Morley2Friends's Birthday
May '10SolarTech20Platbos
May '10Zaitoon Rabaney1Visit with Southern Overberg Bot Soc
May '10Kogelberg Botanical Society1Visit to Platbos
May '10Deidre Bisschoff1 Lara Nel's 1st birthday
April '10SolarTech20Platbos
April '10Phil Pieterse1Platbos
March '10The Pasella Team1Platbos
March '10Moira Barkley1the coming of my Child Spirit
March '10SolarTech20Platbos
March '10Norma Read1Rosemary Hough's birthday
March '10Norma Read1Judy Ross' birthday
March '10Cameron McMaster1Bot Soc visit to Platbos
March '10Louise Hislop1Bot Soc visit to Platbos
March '10Mad & Julian Read2Bot Soc visit to Platbos
March '10Gail Eigner1Bot Soc visit to Platbos
March '10June & Mick Datton1Bot Soc visit to Platbos
March '10Sarah Foyle1Bot Soc visit to Platbos
March '10Lyn Hawkins1Bot Soc visit to Platbos
March '10Stephen Smuts1Bot Soc visit toPlatbos
March '10Sharon & Heyn Brink2 the Southern Overberg Bot Soc visit
March '10Norman & Caroll Faull1in loving memory of Del Sherrifs
March '10Norman & Caroll Faull1for Mark & Mia's wedding
March '10Shalene & Gerhard Pirker1for the birth of Thomas Benjamin Lourens
March '10Irene Engelbrecht1for Annerie Pruis' 50th
Feb '10Daan Schoeman5for Daan & Marie Schoeman
Feb '10Ken Malherbe7In memory of the 7 members of the Pupil Pilot course
Feb '10Norma Read1for Lynn Caldwell's 70th
Feb '10SolarTech20Platbos
Feb '10Norma Read1for the birth of Aaron Jesse Read
Jan '10Irene Engelbrecht3for Celeste,Francois & Hester Stassen
Jan '10Alta Willers1for Jaybee Willer's 70th
Jan '10 Michelle Matthews & Arthur Attwell2to minimise carbon footprint
Jan '10SolarTech20Platbos
Jan '10Rinette van Rooyen2Linda van Rooyen & Irene Engelbrecht's birthdays
Jan '10Monica & Yasunobu Suzuki2Platbos
Jan '10Lalolla Dex1Platbos
Dec '09Jule & Lina Heckscher2for Jules & Lina
Dec '09Jason Watts3Watts Family
Dec '09Wendy Moulang1for Bridge for Christmas
Dec '09Retail Africa2The Earth
Dec '09Helga Hill3Stuart, Nina & Kaylie
Dec '09Shanti1In Memory of Vanilla Nurse
Dec '09Shanti2Chris Tobler's 60th birthday
Dec '09SolarTech20Platbos
Nov '09Van Eerden4Neil, Carla, Neilius & Ursula
Nov '09Betty, Wyn and Johannes15In memory of Hester Strydom
Nov '09CF Malan10for Bert for Christmas
Nov '09SolarTech20Platbos
Nov '09Jason Watts3Watts Family
Oct '09Graham & Vanessa Saayman6to offset air flight pollution
Oct '09Liesl Haasbroek2Emma Howard & Peter Lokhoff
Oct '09SolarTech20Platbos
Oct '09Chrissie Nel1Alwyn Nel (3rd wedding anniversary)
Oct '09Carolyn Falconer4Mike Falconer's 40th
Oct '09Coombe & Asso Inc200their valued clients
Oct '09Paul Hough20for Anina Hough with love
Oct '09Gielli Uys4Gielli, Elsabe, Guillaume, Ruan Uys
Sept '09Inika2Platbos
Sept '09SolarTech20Platbos
Sept '09Charles Bryant10Memory of Dick Bryant
Sept '09Andree Bonthuys2The marriage of Kim & Lenny
Sept '09Wickus Delport2Johan, Magrietha en Jana Marnewick
Sept '09Andrew Malherbe1Tracy Malherbe's birthday
Sept '09Jason Watts3The Watts Family
Sept '09Rechner Wines CC4Platbos
Sept '09Krige Family1Clare Kamimbi's 70th
Sept '09Joan van Jaarsveld10Ruak Swanepoe
Sept '09L van Wyk2Sola Gratia Music
Aug '09Margo Gawith5Platbos
Aug '09Rinette van Rooyen1Caroline Walker's 21st
Aug '09Rinette van Rooyen1Steph Walker's 50th
Aug '09Susan Stouffs1in memory of Carmen
Aug '09CF Malan5B van Hege's birthday
Aug '09Steve & Cheryl Cramp2Jenny Cramp & Bill & Edna Lawrence
Aug '09SolarTech20Platbos
Aug '09Village Life Magazine62Platbos
July '09van Rooyens1Marthinus van Rooyen
July '09SolarTech20Platbos
July '09Stephen Smuts2Attie 'Groot Jan Fourie & Noreen Dix
July '09Jan Roux50Christelle Roux
July '09Louise Oberholzer1Platbos
June '09SolarTech20Platbos
May '09Karen Gilmore1Petrus Bestbier
May '09Krige Family1Amber & Jesse
May '09SolarTech20Platbos
April '09Stephen Berrisford1Richard Cleave
April '09CafeEco10Platbos
April '09Chris & Fiona Berens4Bill Bill Foster's 90th
April '09Fresh Air Crew6Planet Earth
April '09SolarTech20Platbos
March '09Andree Bonthuys1Simon Anderson & Tali Reisenberger
March '09Paul Hough20Frieda & Ricardo Hough
March '09Shalene & Gerhard Pirker2Derek & Tracy Boshard
Feb '09Danielle Daitz4
Feb '09Dr Niehaus2Children Nic, Lisa & the Earth
Feb '09Albertus Bredekamp10
Feb '09Dutch visitors to forest2Platbos
Feb '09Krige Family1Thomas Khorhage
Feb '09CarbonEthics20Platbos
Jan '09Stanford Glendower Bird Fair1Visit to Platbos
Jan '09Marianna Krige10Platbos
Jan '09Danielle Daitz2Platbos
Jan '09Gerhard Pirker1Katharina Seebacher
Jan '09Gerhard & Shalene Pirker1Derick & Joan Boshard
Dec '08Anne Lamont1Dennis Ford
Dec '08Carin Smith1
Dec '08Caitlin Kennedy1Treve Jenkin
Dec '08Norma Read2Anne & Paul Hodge 70th birthdays
Dec '08Georgie Rebane20Mark Rebane
Dec '08CarbonEthics25Platbos
Dec '08Kriges1van Riet Lowes
Dec '08Kriges1Jeanette Gregory
Dec '08Kriges1Burger Family
Dec '08Kriges 1Graham & Vanessa
Nov '08Niel Jonker6
Nov '08Nina Brunohler20Platbos
Nov '08Thomas Korfhage, Nik,Jonas&Till30Platbos
Nov '08Elena,Naila&Celian Buschmann20Ayanda&Gustav Krige
Nov '08Erich&Linda Buschmann10
Nov '08Frank Dollmann10
Nov '08Kongo Kratel10Ellen Garotti
Nov '08Norma Read2Irene & Frank Grayson
Nov '08Graham & Vanessa Saayman2Platbos
Oct '08CarbonEthics25
Sept '08Marinette & Heinz2Alyssia & Piernick
Sept '08CarbonEthics25
Aug '08CarbonEthics25
Aug '08Kriges & Swanepoels1Leon Krige
Aug '08Niel Jonker2Gaby & Seb
Aug '08Niel Jonker2Kim & Carin
July '08Chris & Fiona Berens1Oscar Frater
July '08Chris & Fiona Berens1Nicolaas Berens
July '08Chris & Fiona Berens1Peter Berens
July '08Chris & Fiona Berens1Xavier Berrisford
May '08Barnard Family640Grandchildren