Platbos Forest

African Tree Essences | Tel: +27 82 411 0448

Visitors to Platbos frequently comment on its healing, peaceful energy. Since 2006, Melissa Saayman Krige – co-owner and custodian of Platbos Forest Reserve – has been making vibrational remedies from the flowers and the leaves of the thirteen main tree species of the forest.

These unique remedies work gently but deeply to restore balance to the mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. The tree essences are supportive to other healing modalities.

There is a cabinet in the “Info Hut” at the start of the Forest Trail that houses a collection of the African Tree Essences for cash purchases. Please Whatsapp +27 (0)82 411 0448 /  +27 (0)76 923 3349 for the combination code for the lock on the cabinet and place your payment in the Honesty Box.

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The 13 African Tree Essences

Tree of Faith

African Wild Olive

Tree of Comfort

Saffron Wood

Tree of Intuition

Pock Ironwood (Fine Ironwood)

Tree of Serenity

Cherry Wood

Tree of Light

White Stinkwood